April 21, 2017

When you give to the Friends...

...where does that money go?

  • weekly Sing With Your Baby sessions for toddlers
  • new books purchased with $12,000 from the Friends
  • free art classes for tweens and teens
  • free or discounted admission to local museums
  • supporting On The Same Page
  • a library card, free book to keep, snack, tour, and story time for every 2nd grader in Amherst & Pelham
  • hands-on computer help from Dr. Hank at the Munson and North Amherst libraries
  • live poetry! with real poets! for free!
  • summer reading clubs for kids, teens, and grown-ups

And these are just some of the ways your donations are put to good use.

Please help us continue programming and services such as these with a Valley Gives donation to the Friends on Tuesday, May 2.