February 27, 2017

Food! Drinks! Elizabeth Kolbert!

Join us tomorrow night at the Middle School for an evening with Elizabeth Kolbert, author of "The Sixth Extinction." The doors to the auditorium open at 6:30 but you can come at 6:00 and have some snacks, drinks, and get to chat with the author herself. Free and open to the public.

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This lovely reception? All courtesy of your Friends.

February 19, 2017

Free Children's Music Series

Starting on Saturday, March 4th, come to the Jones Library's Woodbury Room at 10:30 for a rockin' good time. The series kicks off with the Amherst College Zumbyes and if you don't know them, you're in for a treat!

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February 18, 2017

Hard to hear?

If you're attending an event in the Woodbury Room in the Jones Library and want to be able to hear all the juicy details, you need to know about this.

February 16, 2017

Authors Guild to Maintain Vigilance in these "Not Normal" Times

"The Authors Guild will not countenance impediment to the free flow of information; we will not remain silent in the face of attacks on free expression and freedom of movement."

Want to read a little more?

The Sixth Extinction book discussion

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February 9, 2017

Maybe it will make you smile

Here is a small collection by the OED of political terms inspired by our current reality. Our two favorites are trumpertantrum  and, of course, the trumpkin:

February 8, 2017

Climate-change novels

Perhaps you've zipped through Elizabeth Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction and now want to read more about climate-change? Writer Arundathi Roy once said, "Fiction is truth. I think fiction is the truest thing there ever was." The Guardian has collected a list of the five best novels dealing with climate-change.


February 7, 2017

150 years ago today...

...Laura Ingalls Wilder was born in Pepin, Wisconsin. Author of the adored Little House on the Prairie series, the books are based on Wilder's experiences growing up on the American frontier. From fiddling with Pa to feuding with Nelly, these books were an integral part of so many American childhoods. Five of the nine books in the series garnered Newbery Honors and she now has a Newbery Award named for her.

Happy birthday, Laura!

Valentine's Day is coming...

You know how some people do romantic things on February 14th? Just in case you've got a special someone you'd like to do something special for, libraries are a great place to get romantic ideas. There are all those DVDs to watch together. Then there are romantic books to curl up with. You could even check out a cookbook and make a romantic meal. (Or better yet, take a class!) Perhaps you're crafty? We've got a book for that.

Whatever you might need on Valentine's Day, swing by the library. They've got it.

February 6, 2017

Patriot Way: New England boasts children's book triumvirate

Not only are they Super Bowl champions (again), but the New England Patriots love children's books, from Malcolm Mitchell to Julian Edelman to Martellus Bennett

Sadly? The Amherst public libraries have none of these on their shelves.

We're certain that will be rectified now that the Friends have drawn it to their attention. Right, Jones?

Our sticky-fingered neighbors to the north

While normally, the Friends love all things Canadian, we're particularly impressed with Canada's literary-minded shoplifters. No, these intellectuals don't go for the obvious (please, oh please read the reviews). These highbrow Canadians opted for Haruki Murakami to slip into their interior coat pockets.

The Friends want to know what books most walk away from the Jones Library. Any ideas, Jones?

February 5, 2017

Wole Soyinka confirms he destroyed his green card after Trump win

Soyinka, playwright, poet, novelist, and the first African writer to ever be awarded the Nobel prize in literature, confirmed he had followed through on his pledge to destroy his green card if Trump won. "As long as Trump is in charge, if I absolutely have to visit the United States, I would prefer to go in the queue for a regular visa with others. I'm no longer part of the society, not even as a resident."

Interested in Soyinka? CW/MARS has many of his works.

February 3, 2017

Book Publishers Are Printing More #@$% Than Ever

The WSJ takes a hard-hitting look at how "Expletive-laden book titles, some with strategically placed asterisks, are proliferating in cookbooks, memoirs, self-help guides, even coloring books for grown-ups -- presenting challenges for bookstores and reviewers; 'where shall we put this?'"

The Friends suggest the library create a #@$%! section.

February 2, 2017

The Belle of Amherst...

...in this morning's WSJ.

Literary immigrants

Monday's NY Times had an article giving us 25 great books by refugees in the United States. Gal Beckerman writes, "[I]n the literary realm it's unquestionable that refugees, once here, often make major contributions." Check out the list and see how many of these refugees already you know.

February 1, 2017

Teach them to be activists now...

...and they'll stand guard for us in our old age. 
Thirty-five picture books for young activists.