August 31, 2015

The bookstore bucket list

The Friends may have to take a hiatus from posting for a while because 
we totally want to visit all of these...

August 28, 2015

August 27, 2015

Calling all artists!

Applications to exhibit your artwork in the Burnett Gallery during the season beginning June 2016 are now available on the display rack in the atrium of the library or online at  Completed applications should be delivered by October 15, 2015 to the Jones Library office by mail or by hand.  Further details are given in the application.  Questions should be directed to the secretary of the Burnett Gallery Committee, Arthur Mange, 413 253-7769, or

August 24, 2015

Trivia Night at the Jones Library

Hey! What're you doing next Thursday night? A fat lot of nothing? We thought so!

Come to TRIVIA NIGHT, hosted by Mark "Harpo" Power, owner of The Harp. It's NEXT Thursday, September 3rd, from 6:30-8:30 in the Woodbury Room at the Jones. All trivia buffs are invited to participate. Even those who aren't trivia buffs are invited to participate. Because c'mon, you're just being a modest trivia buff.

Bring friends, family, and that special someone you're trying to impress and form a team. Or? Form a team on the spot with all the super cool people you'll meet there. Maximum of five folks per team. But if you're feeling that smart, you can be a team of one, too. There will be two rounds of 15 questions each and there will be prizes, PRIZES we say, for the top three teams. Maybe a Lamborghini, maybe not. You won't know until you go... Doors open at 6, the merriment begins promptly at 6:30 pm.

By the way, there is a suggested donation of $5-10 per person but if you're feeling all Rockefellery, you can slip us a $20. All proceeds benefit the Jones Library. And? Snacks, people. There will be snacks.

Open to the public. Have questions, call Janet Ryan at 413.259.3223. But she won't be telling you the trivia questions in advance so don't even try. Wisenheimer.

Finally. At last.

You know how sometimes all you want is 
peace and quiet and a book in your hand? 

August 22, 2015

Happy belated birthday, George!

The Friends are a little late to the party but we thought we'd share with you what some Dutch artists did to commemorate the 110th birthday of George Orwell this June.

Because it's fabulous.

August 20, 2015

Vending machine for books

Mary Pope Osborne and JetBlue are making Washington, DC, a better place for kids. Yeahboy.

August 17, 2015


There are drive-thru pharmacies and drive-thru liquor stores. Drive-thru funeral parlors and even drive-thru trees. There's talk of drive-thru grocery stores. The Friends would like to propose a drive-thru library.

Because sometimes you have to read and run.

August 14, 2015

Go on. Guess.

Guess in what country readers spend the most on e-books? Go on...

Want to know? Click here
Now, go forth to your next cocktail party 
and amaze your friends and relations.

August 12, 2015

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Perhaps you, like some people the Friends know, happen to adore all things F. Scott Fitzgerald? Have you read each and every thing The Great Man wrote? Do you fancy yourself a True Aficionado? Betcha you didn't know about THIS.

Mic drop.

August 11, 2015

Top 10 train stories

Love trains? Love books?
You'll be wanting to check out some of these from the library then...

August 10, 2015

13 facts about "The Wizard of Oz" we betcha didn't know

Like hey, those ruby red slippers from the movie? 
They were silver in the book. 

Want to know more?

August 7, 2015

Fascinating technology

Sure, maybe you have an iPhone, a Fitbit, Bluetooth in your car, a Nest home heating system BUT do you have a Waterstones Watch??

August 5, 2015

Come see "42: The True Story of an American Legend"

Join us for the next movie in our summer movie series on Saturday, August 8 at 2:30 pm.  This week's movie focuses on the theme of baseball as we screen the 2013 film entitled 42: The True Story of An American Legend.

Jackie Robinson's story is told in this biopic from writer/director Brian Helgeland. Robinson paved a new road for minorities by being the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball since the racial barrier was put in place in the late 1800s.

This film is rated PG13 & it's free & open to the public.

Hey, you know who made this summer movie series possible? Go on, guess. Just guess.

The Friends.


(h/t to The Reading Room.) 

Yes, please.

(click on the image and get baking.)

August 4, 2015

15 Mysterious Facts About ‘The Hardy Boys’

Think you're a Hardy Boys expert? Check this out.

A surprising fact: one of the Hardy Boys writers was Canadian, eh. 
Does that make Frank and Joe Canucks?

August 3, 2015

Airbnb Reviews For Famous Homes In Literature

Oh this is totally fun

Some clever person went and reviewed literary homes for AirBnB. Want to stay at Four Privet Drive? What about The Wall? All we can say is, read the reviews first...

Bag End

The accommodations were so cozy and comfortable, perfect for napping all day -- but also, paradoxically, perfect for creating an insatiable thirst for adventure. The only thing I did not appreciate was the host's constant attempts to feed me. Eggs, potatoes, pickles, raspberry jam, cheese, chicken, cakes -- all of it, he tried to shove down my throat while prattling on about second dinners. Ummm, what?! Finally I had to sit him down and tell him that I've had trouble eating due to recent heartbreak and did not appreciate being pressured. He apologized and we hugged it out.

August 2, 2015

Join us for a look at the works of Harper Lee!

The Jones will be screening the film To Kill a Mockingbird, the classic film based on Lee's first book on Tuesday, August 4 at 5:30 pm in the Woodbury Room.  This screening is free & open to the public.

Then, on Thursday, August 20, at 7 pm, join us for a lively discussion of Harper Lee's new book Go Set a Watchman, the sequel to her beloved work, To Kill a Mockingbird.  The conversation will be led by Professor Barry O'Connell, the James E. Ostendarp Professor of English, Emeritus, at Amherst College.  Refreshments will be served.

You know who sponsored this intellectual feast? That's right! The Friends of the Jones Library System.

(That means all you folks.) (Thanks.)

August 1, 2015

Friends Book Recommendation of the Month

The Circle by Dave Eggers; Narrated by Dion Graham

Recent college graduate Mae Holland has accepted a highly coveted position at The Circle, a powerful company which encourages humankind's complete transparency through the use of technology. The reader follows Mae's journey from excitement and advocacy to her eventual questioning and distrust.

-- Sharon, Director of the Jones Library