March 4, 2009

Every 2nd Grader A Reader Program

This spring, the Friends are once again sponsoring a program that introduces every 2nd grade student in the Amherst public schools to the Jones Library and encourages them to get a library card. Each 2nd grade class is bussed to the library on a Monday morning, where the students are treated to a tour of the children's rooms, a snack, a story and paperback book of their choice to take home. Volunteers from the Friends serve the snack and show the students how to paste a bookplate in the front of the book they choose. Those who don't already have a library card can sign up for one and can take their cards to Barts for a free ice cream cone! This very popular program is underwritten by funds from the Giles-Santangelo Fund. The Friends would like to thank Tina Harding at Barts and the staff at Barnes and Noble for their support of this program.

250th Anniversary Daffodils

Keep watching for the daffodils that the Friends donated to celebrate the town's 250th Anniversary! They should be blooming soon all around the library building.

Valentine Baskets

Once again, the annual Valentine Basket silent auction at the Jones has been a resounding success! We have raised over $5000 for the library, thanks to donations from many local businesses and supporters and the efforts of many volunteers. A huge thank you to everyone, and especially to our wonderful coordinator, Michele Santangelo, who did an outstanding job in her first year managing this event.