May 1, 2016

** Friends Book Recommendation of the Month **

by Daniel James Brown

If you relish reading non-fiction with larger than life characters, and haven't yet read The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, you should most definitely treat yourself. Written in a style similar to Unbroken and Seabiscuit by Lauren Hillenbrand, it is also meticulously researched, and very compelling reading. It's the story of a hardscrabble member of the "Greatest Generation" and the crew team that he becomes part of. It is full of historical accounts of hardship from the Depression Era, college days at the University of Washington, and pre-World War II Germany. Although some members of my book club thought that the writing style was not the best, we all felt that the story and characters carried the story and kept us all going. There are many photos in the book and the epilogue fills in the later lives of each of the crew members. All in all, a memorable and inspirational story.

-- Elaine, member, the Friends of the Jones Library