April 12, 2013

Who is helping give out half a million free books across America on April 23rd?

The Jones Library is!

On April 23, 2013, 25,000 volunteers will give away half a million free books in more than 6,000 towns and cities across the country.

World Book Night U.S. is a campaign to give thousands of free, specially printed paperbacks to light or nonreaders across America on one day. Volunteer book lovers help promote reading by going out into their communities and sharing free copies of books they love. The mission of World Book Night is to seek out those without the means or access to printed books.

Some of the volunteers in our community will be picking up their books at the Jones Library and sharing them in locations as diverse as VA hospitals, roller skating rinks, mass transit, nursing homes, schools, food pantries, and more.  We at the Jones Library are proud to be a partner in World Book Night U.S. for a second year.

The Jones Library will be holding a pre-World Book Night reception the week before April 23.  We will invite our local givers to a reception at the Jones Library, providing the opportunity to pick up their books, chat with other givers, and share their plans for giving away the books.  Each giver will receive a personal invitation to attend.

For more information about World Book Night, please go to www.WorldBookNight.org or visit them on Facebook and Twitter: