January 2, 2019

Amnesty for us all

This month, for the entire month, the town libraries are granting us all amnesty. Patrons with overdue items, from ANY library, can return said items without having to pay overdue fines, explain all the details about where said items have been hiding in the house, or give up a firstborn child in compensation.


Where's the catch?

All you have to do, dear Friend, is help out other folks. (Not really a catch at all.) All three town libraries are collecting non-perishable food for the Amherst Survival Center in lieu of library fines. Barrels for food collection will arrive at the libraries tomorrow or Friday and then? Why then all your problems will be solved. All of 'em.

Okay, actually we're all still responsible for lost or damaged stuff but other than that? Amnesty, Friends. And helping out our very own community members. Pretty much a win-win.