April 13, 2018

Support the Friends on Valley Gives Day!

The 4th annual Valley Gives Day is fast approaching! The Friends of the Jones Library are one of 400+ non-profits participating this year.

What is Valley Gives Day?
It's an online fundraising event created to help raise as much money in a 24-hour period as possible for local organizations. Throughout the day donors will be randomly chosen and your gift may be augmented with various prizes, creating potentially hundreds of dollars in support of the Friends.

When is Valley Gives Day?
Tuesday May 1, 2018. Please mark your calendar. Please make a note somewhere. Please help the Friends help our libraries.

To maximize the potential of the Friends on Valley Gives Day, please do these three things:

(1) Mark May 1, 2018 on your calendar and bookmark our Valley Gives Page.

(2) Follow the Friends on Facebook and Twitter and help build excitement for Valley Gives Day by using the hashtag: #ValleyGives whenever you can! When you tweet, when you post on Facebook, when you blog, hey even when you write letters: "Dear Grandma, Thank you for the socks. #ValleyGives. See you at Christmas."

(3) Help the Friends spread the word! Pass this post to your family and friends and tell them why you believe in the Friends and why they should give on May 1st.

And thanks. Thanks very much You guys are the best. Really. We couldn't do it without you. 
the Friends.