November 3, 2017

Friends of the Jones Library Holiday Book Fair

The only thing better than a library book? The books you get to keep! (Um, without incurring library fines.)

Come one, come all to the Friends of the Jones Library Holiday Book Fair! Open to members-only on Friday, November 17, (6:30pm - 8:30pm) and Saturday, November 18, to the general public (9:00am - 1:00pm) at the Jones Library.

On Friday night, we'll have a Concierge Librarian available to help you make your selections. Especially knowledgeable in children's literature, the Concierge Librarian can help find something for all the smallest people in your life. Not a member of the Friends? No probs. Join on the spot. Memberships start at $15.

Saturday the book fair is free to everyone. But we can't guarantee that the No Cussing Club will still be somewhere on the tables.

Most books are priced at $1-2. All proceeds from the sale benefit the Jones, Munson, and North Amherst libraries.

Plus? The Well-Read Cook, a community cook book of your recipes, Friends! It's just arrived, hot off the press, in time for the sale. Between the cook book, library totes, tea, mugs, and t-shirts, your holiday gift-giving couldn't be easier!

And you can feel good about making the world a better place after having supported your Friends at our annual book sale. That? That's priceless.