May 9, 2017

What IS this library brouhaha??

If you have, by chance, heard about some proposed renovations to the Jones Library but, like so many of us, aren't too sure what's going on, look no further.

Amherst resident Oliver Broudy manages a local podcast, Let's Be Reasonable. Last week's episode discusses whether Amherst residents should pay $12 million to renovate the Jones. Broudy interviews supporters and opponents on their thoughts. The podcast lasts about 80 minutes but fact-checking begins at about the 60 minute mark.

Grab a beer and a bowl of nuts and sit in your comfy chair.

Plus? On-site bonus round with Jones Library Director Sharon Sharry. Will Oliver Broudy replace Peter Sagal on "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me?" You'll have to listen to the most recent episode of Let's Be Reasonable and judge for yourself.