May 9, 2014

Get the goods at the Jones

We've got totes, mugs, magnets and stickers!  With The Friends Of The Jones Library written ALL over them!

Casually sport a tote over your shoulder at the farmers market downtown tomorrow.  You'd be amazed at how many fellow shoppers will smile and high-five you.

Stick a sticker on your notebook and go write the Great American Novel at Amherst Coffee.  People will know you're both intellectual AND philanthropic.

Slap a magnet on your car bumper and just wait for all the friendly waves from fellow drivers.  And?  You'll never receive another parking ticket in the town of Amherst again.

Use this baby around the office and watch as the boss chooses you for a promotion.  Studies have shown that people with Friends of the Jones Libraries mugs are more popular in staff meetings than people with no mugs.

Collect them all!  Trade them!  Pass them out next Halloween!  Give them away at Burning Man!  Surely you can find space in your life for some Friends accessories...

Available at the Jones.