April 30, 2014

You think life is hard? Try living in the Bleak House.

The Jones Library Classics Book Club presents

Disease, poverty, madness, decline, child abuse, not to mention spontaneous combustion and a cameo appearance by a dinosaur, in London, covered in mud, dark with fog, and strangled by an outdated legal system: these are just some of the elements of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House.  Join the Jones Library’s “Classics Book Club” for a great spring read of one of Dickens most ambitious novels. 
Copies of Bleak House are available at the Library’s Reference Desk. 
Saturday, May 10th
​Chapters 1-16
​Saturday, May 24th   
​Chapters 17-32
​Saturday, June 7th
​Chapters 33-49
​Saturday, June 24th

Questions? Contact Seth at rothbergs@joneslibrary.org413-259-3092, or follow the book club blog at http://classicsbookclub.wordpress.com.