February 11, 2013


The Jones Library’s Homebound Delivery Service is Seeking New Volunteers

One of the library’s goals for 2013 is to expand its program of delivering library materials to Amherst’s homebound population.  We have always been committed to making it possible for all our residents to have access to our wonderful collection of books, movies and CD’s, and we are anxious to make sure that all who are unable to travel to the library because of physical limitations will be well served.

Our homebound program depends on dedicated volunteers to deliver and pick up library materials.  As we seek out more participants for our program, our need for committed volunteers increases. I am wondering if any of our Friends may be interested in and able to volunteer for our Homebound program.  A Jones Library Homebound Volunteer can enjoy rewarding friendships with very grateful library patrons.  Getting a delivery of library books has become the highlight of many of our homebound patrons’ month. 

For more information about becoming a Homebound Volunteer, please contact Amy Anaya at anayaa@joneslibrary.org or 413-259-3132