October 9, 2011

On a Fall Cleaning Spree? Don't forget the Friends!

You can help make the Friends' Basket Auction fundraiser a success by "re-gifting." We especially need
  • donations of large (laundry sized wicker baskets, decorative metallic baskets, and/or reed baskets)
  • donations of 'new' or 'look like new' books
  • tissue paper donations (in colors) would be appreciated
Sign up now to volunteer your time in January and February. Are you someone willing to catalog the baskets, type up descriptions and print out descriptions once the baskets are made? We also need someone good at "pricing the baskets to sell" - a retail savvy Friend who puts a value on baskets once they are 'ready to go.'

Contact Angela Mills at pavs4all@yahoo.com to be part of the fun.